Small Town Country Boy is a photo series about my Dad, who turned 60 this year. He grew up in Moss Side, Manchester as an only child to a single immigrant Mum from Jamaica. He started DJing at 14 years old and held soul train nights at the local clubs. He became a part time model, full time DJ. He worked hard and put in time pursuing creative job opportunities and did it successfully. He wanted a different life for his children. He says: “As a young teenager, all I wanted was 3 kids, a car, and a hose pipe to wash it with.” Putting in hard work paid off and he was able to change the course of his life. He moved his family to the countryside and settled there. Although the only black man in the village, he fully embraced country life; taking care of cows, goats, and driving a tractor. Small Town Country Boy explores the possibility of defying the expectations of your situation. The narrative around racial and class expectations is changing and I wanted to explore that through my photography and share my Dad’s story. The project helps expand the perception of a typical country-living individual or stereotypical life plan set out for a lower-class black man that grows up on a council estate. I wanted to share the juxtaposition of the earlier half of my Dad’s life with the latter half and show the possibility of challenging the predictions you may feel that life has for you.